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The Great Game of Hermetic GLOGification.

If my post about it did not make it clear I am quite fascinated by the magic system of GLOG. In my effort to better understand and familiarize myself with it I want to play a game and you, dear reader, are invited to join. Practice makes perfect and while I doubt I will ever reach perfect I can hope to improve. So, send spells and magical effects my way, and I will try to convert them to GLOG spells. Feel free to post in the comments or any other place I share this. Let the fun begin. First batch or requests are in.  Smite Evil. Requested by: Random_Interrupt from Phlox’s GloG Server in Discord. Original Version: (none provided) Though Process: Random_Interrupt didn’t provide any specific edition of the spell to base it upon. They only asked for an implementation that didn’t reference any alignment system. Thus I will try to create a spell called Smite Anathema, used by the faithful, ordained or not, to battle those vilified by their religious strictures otherwise the spell would be

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